ACI’s Purple-Tail Purple Tang was the Star of Reefapalooza Orlando!

The purple tang’s official scientifically designated identify is Zebrasoma xanthurum – ‘yellow tail’ is the hallmark of this species. Whereas tens of 1000’s of purple tangs haven’t any downside following this conference, each infrequently a lone ranger decides to interrupt with custom and genetics. 


This little maverick is an uber uncommon purple-tail-purple-tang, solely the second specimen of its type ever documented. The purple purple was delivered to the American reef aquarium interest by ACI of Florida who (very) proudly displayed this gem of a fish at Reefapalooza Orlando this previous weekend. 

This medium sized particular person was hands-down the star of the present and though the thrill surrounding this fish bordered on extreme, everybody actually was thrilled to have the ability to see a fish which is usually destined to bee-line to the personal aquariums of prosperous fish collectors. Objectively, a standard-issue yellow tail purple tang is extra colourful than the purple-purple, however this adolescent fish was additionally in glorious well being and ideal situation.  

Its physique coloration is a vibrant plum purple with noticeable maroon coloured eyes, and yellow accents on the nostrils and pectoral fins. There’s even a touch of yellow on the margins of the tail fin however largely, the darkish recognizing on the face which turns into stripes on the physique continued and crammed within the tail the place you’ll count on to see yellow coloration. 

ACI’s purple tail purple tang was additionally in a near-perfect show to essentially respect its magnificence – a medium sized multi functional aquarium held only a few different fish and one ginormous and really colourful Homophyllia bowerbanki colony. The Kessil AP700 additionally helped to spotlight and convey out the entire colours of each the fish and the coral. 

Though the purple purple offered for an order of magnitude greater than its yellow tail counterpart would have, at Reefapalooza Orlando this weekend everybody bought to get pleasure from this sensational fish by merely coming to the present and stopping within the ACI sales space. I feel a part of what made this fish so thrilling is how many individuals’s eyes lit up after they noticed a really acquainted fish with a really uncommon twist, and watching individuals level this fish out to one another was extremely enjoyable as effectively. 

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