Anthias, anthias and extra anthias

 Of all of the Pink Sea sights I get to witness, the shoals of anthias impress me probably the most.  On a current file deletion binge I discovered some photographs of Pseudanthias squamipinnis I don’t assume I’ve shared earlier than.  I hope you get pleasure from ’em.  The great ‘ol squammie is by far the most typical species of anthias within the Pink Sea; there are 5 others if reminiscence serves. The place P. squamipinnis is discovered,they reside in big numbers, with information books utilizing phrases like ‘monumental swarms’ to explain them.  Given their big numbers it may be tough to look at their lifestyle, however after a whilst you begin to acknowledge the extra flamboyant males as they swim a little bit farther out into the present, snapping up morsels of meals in addition to maintaining a tally of their harems of females.  For me, the most effective and most spectacular places are the reef partitions which obtain currents from the open sea.  These unbelievable partitions of arduous coral are a number of miles away from the much less spectacular fringing reefs, nearer to shore.  Divers like me have a tendency to make use of anthias as indications of what the present is like.  If we see that the fish are protecting near the coral and swimming like loopy then there’s a powerful present and arduous work forward! 

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