Audible for Fish? 10 uncommon or lovely fish that will have made this gag higher

In case you missed it, yesterday was April Idiot’s Day and there have been many companies and tech corporations sharing some severe groaners with a number of humorous ones within the combine. The one which caught our consideration was Audible’s try at humor with Audible for Fish.

In accordance the the touchdown web page:

Does your favourite goldfish show indicators of aggression once you go away for work?

Did that 13 out of 27 fish homeowners reported a constructive change in their pets’ conduct after taking part in Audible titles for water-dwelling friends?

Fill your fishes’ three-second recollections with the soothing sounds of underwater audio, after which play it once more! As a result of they received’t bear in mind anyway.

Whereas I get it…the goldfish is easy and iconic and being “on model” for being orange, it does makes for a “clear” graphic, however c’mon….you’re a part of Amazon and have the sources to do one thing higher.

Listed here are 10 uncommon fish or simply lovely reef fish we really feel would have made the gag even higher and perhaps a fin nearer to plausible

Tosanoides annepatrice

Tosanoides annepatrice Described from Pohnpei & Palau

Gramma dejongi

Liopropoma fasciatum

Lemonpeel Angelfish

Synchiropus sycorax

Lightening Maroon Clownfish

Chelmon rostratus

Paracheilinus nursalim

This Helfrich Firefish Hybrid

Rhinecanthus aculeatus

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