Black Hippo Tang Scored by Skilled Fish Keepers

Regal blue tang, blue hippo tang, Paracnathurus hepatus, or Dory, no matter you name them we are able to all agree this fish is meant to be blue. Because it seems not all blue or hippo tangs get that memo and infrequently a person decides it’s going to sport extra black than it’s brothers and sisters. 

This black hippo tang isn’t the primary however positively among the best examples of a Paracanthurus hepatus displaying a sophisticated diploma of melanism with an almost all-black physique coloration. This specimen has bllue solely in a slim oval on each side and a touch of it left on the anal fin, with the brilliant yellow tail nonetheless standard-issue. 

This uncommon black blue regal tang remains to be younger and malleable so there’s all the time the chance that this fish will ultimately take off his black masks. Nevertheless we hope the fish retains most if not all of its very uncommon coloration at its new dwelling at Skilled Fish Keepers in Coral Springs, Florida. 


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