Captive Bred Regal Angelfish Breakthrough by Bali Aquarich

The regal angelfish is among the most iconic of all marine angelfishes and the final genus to be captive bred, till now. If we needed to take bets on who could be the primary to realize a breakthrough with this lovely blue, black and yellow striped angelfish, with out hesitation we might have positioned all our chips on Bali Aquarich and we’d have been proper. 

Nevertheless it doesn’t take a crystal ball to know that Mr. Wen Ping Su’s innovative and tremendous productive decorative fish aquaculture facility would have an amazing likelihood at cracking the breeding protocols for the regal angelfish. Simply final month Mr. Su grew to become the primary breeder to efficiently elevate one in every of our favourite marine fish, the Crimson Sea purple tang, Zebrasoma xanthurus so it’s actually not a shock that he’s bought the world’s first batch of captive bred Pygoplites. 

Pygoplites d. flavescens from the Indian Ocean on the left, and P. d. diacanthus from the Pacific Ocean on the precise.

Pygoplites is the one angelfish genus with just one species and curiously sufficient, it’s additionally the one one to incorporate two subspecies, a lot rarer in marine fish than in freshwater species. For years divers and aquarists have acknowledged the final variations between the very vivid, yellow bellied ‘Indian Ocean’ type of the regal angel, usually collected from the Crimson Sea and the Maldives and aptly named Pygoplites diacanthus flavescens, and the ‘gray chest’ Indonesian type which is the P. d. diacanthus subspecies.  

Bali Aquarich’s first captive bred regal angelfish is the native gray chested P. d. diacanthus subspecies and the small child regal angelfish are already displaying the unmistakable golden yellow shade and the dorsal eyespot is simply starting to develop into darkish. One factor we’re curious to know is the age of those fish as some marine angelfish have extraordinarily lengthy larval period intervals – as much as 120 days in debelius if reminiscence serves us accurately, to as little as like 45 days for the Koran angelfish. 

A not too long ago collected regal angelfish with actually thrilling, uncommon bar form and shade

However for us the actual wildcard with these captive bred regal angelfish is how they’ll develop up and what is going to their stripes do. Many if not most captive bred marine fish, particularly angelfish, present some artifacts of being aquacultured principally within the type of irregular bars and aberrant coloration. Typically occasions that is principally seen in juvenile types of giant marine angelfish who develop out of it and into a totally completely different grownup shade and sample. 

A extra typical ‘scribbled’ regal angelfish

However the regal angelfish channels that loopy striped sample nicely into maturity so we might be extremely stunned if no less than some, even perhaps most of Bali Aquarich’s captive bred regal angelfish don’t present some type of irregular barring. Usually this is able to be undesirable for some species however within the case of regal angelfish, wild caught regals usually command a lot increased costs because the species is often very constant in its look. 

We actually hope that Bali Aquarich’s first drop of captive bred Pygoplites will not be a fluke, they usually proceed to develop and enhance the protocols for this fish. Not solely can we wish to see many examples of captive bred regal angelfish with common and aberrant coloration, however since this species doesn’t have one of the best monitor report of adapting to aquarium life, a gradual provide of cultured regal angelfish could be very welcome and in very excessive demand. 

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