Cuteness Overload whereas Touring Bali Aquarich

Since I dwell in Bali, solely three hours drive from the most effective decorative marine fish breeder on this planet, I get to go to him regularly. Mr. Wen-Ping Su has been breaking the information of all aquarium associated media for the final month, with a plethora of latest breeding breakthrough and world’s firsts. 

Mr Win-Peng Su inspecting his fish


Zebrasoma xanthurum , Purple tang:

A couple of years after one other group managed to breed the yellow tang, Zebrasoma flavescens, Mr Wen-Ping Su had a go on the identical household and managed his personal break by way of with rearing some Purple tangs. The primary one already hit the US and European markets, a number of weeks again. After I visited over a month in the past, the primary captive bred purple tangs have been too small to catch and . Juvenile fish are very fragile, and catching or flashing them can simply kill them however he retained one specimen so I may come again and take an image of this beautiful fish.

What a gorgeous, absolutely coloured, and completely formed fish.

The purple tang

At that time, he was simply getting began, and inside a few weeks, he received two extra new species of Angelfish.

Venustus Angelfish:

Paracentropyge venustus angelfish, is just not a quite common species. Its a smaller dimension, cryptic Angelfish, so it has an important potential for reef tanks. And these small half and inch fish are completely irresistible!

Regal Angel:

Inside every week of asserting the venustus angel, Mr Wen-Ping Su introduced one other breakthrough with one of many remaining angelfish genus, the regal angelfish, Pygoplites diacanthus. Juveniles of this species are most likely the cutest little fish we’ve ever seen. This half inch lengthy little magnificence might be the one of the crucial memorable fish we’ve seen this 12 months. The truth that it was very cooperative and allow us to take simply has many photographs as we wished was an actual delight.

This half inch child Pygoplites diacanthus is just too cute

Have a look at this magnificence!

There was one other premiere ready for us, the rock magnificence, Holacanthus tricolor, nevertheless an ich an infection worn out the primary batch as a result of temperatures in Bali have been abnormally low. And a sizzling sunny day, adopted by a chilly night time, creates some uncommon temperature swings, and treating these very small juvenile fish is difficult, and a part of the danger on this job. You may free full batch of fish in a single day.

Zonipectus angel

Multibar angel

scribble angel

Personnifer angel

As of right now, Bali Aquarich has been producing no fewer than 18 totally different species of Angelfish, 2 Batfish, and an infinite number of clownfish which is a monumental achievement.

Clarion Angel

Blue-girdled angelfish

With out forgetting some stunning hybrids akin to this Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus X A. trimaculatus:

So now the record of captive bred fish is getting longer and longer, there’s already sufficient variety to populate tanks with solely with captive bred fish.

Annularis, Clarion, Maze, Scribbled, Passer, A.trimaculatus, Majestic, Lemonpeel, Golden noticed, Eibli, Koran, Personnifer, Zonipectus, Six bar, Multibar, Maculosus, venustus and regal, simply to call of few being cultured at Bali Aquarich alone. 

An ideal mixture of small angelfish.

A mixture of Angelfish

We will count on the record of captive bred fish to develop shortly even sooner, as Mr Wen-Ping Su remodeled his farm to accommodate smaller batch of fish. He constructed a correct algae room, and now has a constructing devoted to the manufacturing of copepods. With three totally different strains of rotifers, two totally different species of copepods, and over 10 totally different species of algaes, he’s received what it takes now to breed much more species. keep tuned, extra will come quickly!


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