easyLPS is a New Coral Meals From easyReefs

EasyLPS is a single supply zooplankton and marine microalgae that gives LPS corals with excessive dietary proteins, fatty acids wealthy in EPA, ARA and DHA, carbohydrates and purposeful micronutrients to reinforce progress, coloration and vitality.

EasyLPS micro-pellets is particularly developed and formulated to spice up coral progress, improve coloration and enhance the overall vitality of Massive Polyp Stony (LPS) corals in reef aquariums. EasyReefs makes use of single sourced components by batch harvesting high-quality phytoplankton and zooplankton. The meals is designed to meet particular dietary necessities of corals resembling Acans, Favias, Scolymias, Chalices Magnificence corals and extra.

The meals pellets are 1mm (800 micron) cylinder formed pellets that guarantee digestibility and meet the seize capability of most LPS corals. Goal feeding EasyLPS pellets immediately into your coral’s mouth, particularly after witnessing a feeding response, will guarantee minimal impression in your tank’s nitrate and phosphate ranges. EasyReefs tells us that the pellets are full of proteins, fatty acids wealthy in EPA, ARA and DHA, carbohydrates and essential micro-nutrients with out the chance of dropping meals to filtration. EasyLPS requires no refrigeration and it’s free from preservatives.

The product is offered in 30 gram and 70 gram screw high steel containers and the meals retails for $18.99 and $34.99 respectively.

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