Electrical Lime Help millie Is The Most Beautiful Coral We’ve Seen All 12 months

Of the 20,000+ corals we’ve had the privilege of photographing this 12 months there are a handful we might placed on a pedestal. Holy grail specimens, one in 1,000,000 extremely corals. However this electrical lime support millie we noticed over the weekend in Raja Ampat is in a league of its personal.

Acropora millepora is about as basic as aquarium corals come. This excessive power coral, with its lengthy shaggy tentacles begging for meals, is a fan favourite and you’d be onerous press to not discover a number of totally different coloration selection at your native fish retailer or within the on-line WYSIWYG catalogs of your favourite coral distributors.

However when have you ever ever seen one thing so spectacular as this sundown orange millie with placing lime inexperienced polyps?

Corals within the wild will at all times look barely totally different than their aquarium counterparts. And the longer any corals get fragged and propagated in reef tanks the colours, particularly in millie develop into darker and richer. However this vivid inexperienced polyps of this good wild carimbos colony can be a prize gem in any reef aquarium.

We requested a number of of our buddies across the business and everybody agrees that is one thing actually distinctive. Reef Builders personal Jake Adams identified that it appears fairly much like the Jason Fox Photo voltaic Flare millie, with little fuzzy fraglets promoting for practically $300. 

It’s robust to match such a surprising wild colony to the totally different morphs these corals can develop into in captivity, as every tank and lighting parameters are set in another way. Nevertheless, it’s good to see how this magnificent these corals can seem when left as much as mom nature.

We discovered this colony whereas snorkeling at slack tide Kri Island Raja Ampat, in three toes (1m) of water. On the lowers of low tides we wouldn’t be shocked to see this axial ideas poking out of the floor dreaming of a life on land!

It is a good reminder when you’ve got a millie, maintain the circulate excessive, feed feed feed and switch up the lights!! These are robust little corals with excessive metabolism simply ready to shine.


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