First Dwell Photographs of Uncommon Deepwater Grammatonotus xanthostigma

Grammatonotus xanthostigma is a brand new species of deepwater basslet that was just lately described in 2017 after their discovery by technical divers Drs. Brian Greene and Wealthy Pyle in 2015. Regardless of its goal magnificence each in form, sample and shade, the ‘yellow spot Groppo’ reside so deep that solely a handful of skilled deepwater divers have ever seen it alive. 

Fortunately, these extremely skilled deepwater divers usually carry among the finest picture and video capturing gear also called cameras, and photos of those obscure species actually assist carry these fish to life. These first reside images of G. xanthostigma offered by Dr. Rocha had been made at 500 toes deep, and present a well-recognized shade and sample for deepwater fish of purple fronted yellow our bodies, additionally seen within the royal gramma, Lipogramma klayi and a number of other others. 

Nonetheless tantalizing these fish could seem, their delicate nature and desire for profoundly deep water all however precludes them for appreciation in an aquarium setting. At 500 toes deep the water is lower than 60ºF, so actually chilly by hobbyist aquarium requirements, and among the first sort specimens didn’t even survive the ascent to 200 toes the place decompression procedures often start. Though these fish are destined to stay in unobtainium territory so far as aquarium fish go, we’re lucky to have fish fanatics documenting the world of mesophotic reef fish after they can. 

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