Hanabira yukibana, a New Species of Encrusting Polyps

Octocorals are a really various group of reef animals which embrace many alternative households, together with the tiny and encrusting Stoloniferans which are very simple to miss. At this time a brand new genus and species of Stoloniferans will get acknowledged with the official description of Hanabira yukibana from the islands of southern Japan. 

Hanabira polyps are broadly associated to clove polyps and whereas they show a range of morphology, the form of the  polyps is fairly constant. One of many particulars that hyperlinks H. yukibana collectively is their broadly flower-petal formed tentacles which have fused pinnules, or pseudopinnules, considerably just like daisy polyps of the Knopia genus to which they’re intently associated. 

The sort specimens for Hanabira yukibana had been collected at typical scuba depths of 10-35 meters or 30 to 120 ft with SCUBA on the southern Japanese Islands of Okinawa and Iriomote. The colonies of Hanabira encrust the everyday laborious substrate and the teeny tiny 2-Three mm diameter polyps show a light-weight inexperienced, gold or white sheen, whatever the basal coloration.

The newly described Hanabira yukibana are a particular curiosity and remind us of the equally small and odd Nanipora polyps additionally described from Japan, however identified to happen elsewhere. If you happen to’ve received good imaginative and prescient, or a mesoscope, take have a look at your reef tank for encrusting tiny polyps and in the event that they match the outline, particularly the fused pinnules and fascinating sheen, there’s an opportunity you would possibly have already got Hanabira polyps in your reef tank. [Marine Biodiversity]

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