Measuring the Distinction Skimmer Upkeep Makes

We lately reviewed the UltraReef UKS 180 skimmer, and had many constructive issues to say about it. Whereas doing our exams, we had been additionally capable of measure the lack of effectivity brought on by poor upkeep.

Let’s be clear, most individuals don’t observe common upkeep on their skimmers. They merely clear the glass, which is the naked minimal, and little else. Every now and then, they may clear the injector. However correctly cleansing the pump is extremely vital.

Once we took the skimmer’s measurements throughout testing, we observed that the measured values weren’t those claimed by the corporate. That’s why we took a while to determine what had occurred. The very first thing that got here to thoughts was that we wanted to deep-clean the pump, each injector and impeller.

The injector can get clogged up by calcium and salt deposits, reducing the inlet air. To maintain it clear you need to let the air tube drink a glass of osmosis water as soon as a month. You could find the whole process on this article.

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The second factor to have a look at is the foaming pump. Throughout regular functioning, a small snail, a calcium deposit, or a pebble can find yourself on the impeller, and the apparently insignificant concern may cause the foamer to have a drastic inlet air drop.

A radical cleansing made an enormous distinction.The upkeep-free foamer had an air inlet of roughly 430+10%=~470 l/h

As soon as we completed the cleansing, we measured once more and bought a worth of 730+10%=~803 l/h

Not conducting upkeep caused an inlet air drop of 41%!!! A major distinction.


Clear your pump and your foamer’s injector typically! The injector needs to be cleaned as soon as a month, and the pump as soon as each six months. You may as well purchase an inlet air measurer, just like the Sander we’re utilizing, so as to see when the pump must be cleaned.

[Translated by Matilde Capannini]


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