Meiacanthus solomon, a New Blenny Species from Melanesia

Blennies are some of the beloved and enjoyable teams of small saltwater and reef fish but we don’t see almost sufficient new ones from yr to yr. The newly described Meiacanthus solomon breaks the drought from a genus of fangblennies which is recognizable for sporting a sample of white, black and yellow stripes. 

Meiacanthus vittatus from Papua New Guinea

One factor which we’ve got all the time discovered peculiar concerning the Meiacanthus genus is that we have a tendency to consider this group as being from shallow water, which is the place many of the small and lovable aquarium fangblenny species come from. Nevertheless many new and undescribed species of Meiacanthus are literally present in deep water past the attain of typical SCUBA like the brand new M. solomon. 

Meiacanthus luteus from Queensland Australia

As you may anticipate, the Solomon Fangblenny was collected within the Florida Islands group of the Solomon Islands at a depth of 65 meters or greater than 210 ft deep. The one kind specimen is a lone small male measuring barely a couple of inch lengthy at ~28mm though from what we learn about this genus, it very in all probability grows to double that whole size. 

A gaggle of Meiacanthus limbatus, the male having the outstretched fins within the decrease left of the picture.

Meiacanthus solomon is usually white with two pronounced darkish longitudinal stripes on the higher half of the physique from the tip of the snout to the bottom of the tail. The bottom of the dorsal fin is a full size black stripe and has a particular yellow edge to the dorsal fin which helps to differentiate the species. New species descriptions might be fairly thrilling as a result of they usually embody info and pictures of carefully associated species which is exactly the case with Meiacanthus solomon. [JOSF]

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