Pomacentrus vatosoa: Corazon’s Damselfish get Official Description

Corazon’s damselfish is a superb new species of damselfish that was found simply final 12 months has already been handled to an official description. This little treasure of a reef fish from Madagascar has been bestowed the latin title of Pomacentrus vatosoa stunning the armchair taxonomists amongst us who had this fish pegged as a member of the Chrysiptera genus. 

Not like just about all different species of damselfish, and lots of reef fish for that matter, Pomacentrus vatosoa is a pearly white fish total. The define of the fish is obscured by a darkish eyestripe that continues right into a black dorsal fin, and a pair of black spots on the physique and high of the caudal peduncle appears to be like like a pair of eyes. 

Pomacentrus vatosoa aka Corazon’s Damselfish is seemingly associated to a different comparatively new species from Madagascar, P. atriaxillaris which was described in 2002 and has a extra typical silvery gray physique coloration. The newly found and freshly described Corazon’s damselfish is a phenomenal new species with an look that’s worthy of its robust nature and conduct, and we’re thrilled to have the brand new Pomacentrus vatosoa already making the rounds within the reef aquarium pastime. 

Pomacentrus vatosoa is described by Benjamin Frable and Yi Kai Tea within the newest quantity of Copeia. 

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