Reefi Duo LED is All About Loopy Shade

Reefi is an aquarium LED gentle startup which is carving out a small area of interest for particular reef aquarium lighting functions. Primarily based in Portland Oregon, Reefi instantly reminds us of smaller boutique LED gentle makers like NanoBox Reef LEDs out of North Carolina and AcroOptics out of Boulder Colorado. 

Being small and nimble means these firms can actually experiment with new LED colours and check out fascinating options, which is precisely what Reefi is aiming for with their Duo Deluxe and Duo Excessive LED lighting fixtures. With the identical twin cluster design because the Ecotech Radion, the Reefi Duo variations have a boxy form with two teams of multicolor, multichannel LEDs in a wealth of normal and unique coloration spectra. 

The Reefi Duo Deluxe and Excessive each sport 9 totally different LED colours with 72 diodes pushing 216 watts within the Reefi Excessive whereas the Duo Deluxe is rated for 144 watts unfold throughout 48 LEDs. In addition to the entire energy and variety of LEDs, the Duo Excessive controls the 9 colours every on their very own management channel whereas the Duo Deluxe has them grouped into six channels. 

Some distinctive options of the Reef Duo fixtures is the usage of particular person reflectors for every LED creating a really sturdy area of sunshine pointed down into the aquarium. Reefi claims their reflectors are additionally efficient for mixing, however we have to see this for ourselves as particular person reflectors are likely to exacerbate the disco ball impact, not reduce it – there’s a motive all the most important producers have moved in the direction of ever broader angle lenses. 

Whereas it might need a standardized boxy form the Reefi Duo couldn’t be something farther from a budget black field LEDs which might be gushing out of China. Along with the very reef-forward spectrum of LEDs, the Reefi Duo has a built-in data display screen, very heavy obligation cooling to maintain the LEDs cool within the hottest of working environments, and a practical if not fancy internet interface provides fast entry to all the colour management channels and programming capabilities. 

We’re on the fence about how nicely the person reflectors mix the colours from this fixture, and mileage will differ relying on the way it’s positioned above the tank, however it ought to have some killer shimmer from a typical level supply gentle. Different features of the Reefi like its mounting answer(s), programming and capabilities will hopefully solely enhance over time however at $650 for the Reefi Duo Deluxe and $750 for the Reefi Duo Excessive, that is really a number of gentle and energy for an inexpensive worth and we’re glad to see one other entrepreneur carve their very own path on this section of the reef aquarium passion and market. [Reefi]


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