Salinity Supervisor by Fauna Marin

The Salinity Supervisor is a brand new package from Fauna Marin to assist reefers handle the salt content material of their saltwater aquarium with higher ease, and accuracy. The package for Salinity Supervisor features a high quality conductivity meter, cleansing answer to maintain the probe clear, and Salinity Reference to examine your check values. 

These three elements of the Salinity Supervisor work collectively – the meter itself has a brand new type graphite conductivity which is extremely immune to corrosion. The cleansing Answer ensures that the enterprise finish of the conductivity meter stays clear and free from interference in measuring conductivity. Final however definitely not least, the Salinity Reference may give customers a level of confidence within the accuracy of the meter’s check outcomes, and it may be used to calibrate the meter occasionally to maintain it working exactly. 

One factor we particularly love in regards to the Fauna Marin Salinity Supervisor’s promotional materials is that there isn’t a point out of particular gravity; if we’re sending off our water to be examined by Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry aka ICP-OES, it’s about darn time we weaned the reefing passion off of utilizing particular gravity to explain their precise salinity. The Salinity Supervisor is priced at 79€ in Europe and will land below $99 in North America. [Fauna]

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