Seneye Spectra Goes Method Past Measuring PAR

The Seneye Spectra is an thrilling new mild measurement instrument that ought to make understanding the standard of our aquarium lights a complete lot extra informative. Seneye has developed the Spectra to go method past making easy measurements of sunshine amount by way of PAR, and blows the doorways open on a complete completely different high quality of sunshine, the spectrum. 

Because the title implies the Spectra is specifically designed to seize each the amount and high quality of sunshine with spectrum measurements throughout all of the wavelengths of sunshine that matter to each aquarium crops and corals. The Spectra sensor itself isn’t just a standalone product as it’s supported by an intense spectrum & wavelength evaluation instrument for the software program. 

The Seneye Spectra program permits customers to match a given mild supply with the identified mild absorption curves for the nuts and bolts that make attainable for for organisms to seize of sunshine and convert it into power. These important constructing blocks for light-driven biology embody the well-characterized suite of main photosynthetic pigments like Cholorphyll A & B, in addition to accent pigments like carotein, inexperienced fluorescent pigments and extra.

At current all we all know in regards to the Seneye Spectra is that it’ll are available a nifty case with all software program preloaded onto a flash drive, and a deluxe model may even be paired up with a suitable cellular pill. At a beginning worth of $750 the Seneye Spectra won’t be an impulse purchase, however ought to make for a vital instrument to ‘confirm’ new and growing older reef lights, and particularly for evaluating word on which corals do nicely below which sorts of various synthetic mild spectra. 

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