The Striped Blenny, A New Captive Bred Fish from Sea & Reef

The Striped Blenny (Meiacanthus grammistes) has alternating black and white striped that run the complete size of of the fish. A shiny yellow coloration begins on the head and continues about half the size of the fish earlier than it change to white about the place the anal fin begins. The Striped Blenny is an energetic fish that may be seen swimming out within the open in seek for prey.

Temperament & Captive Care
The Striped Blenny is a peaceable fish, however will defend itself if threatened. Like different blennies within the Meiacanthus household the Striped Blenny has venomous fangs and is typically known as the fang fang blenny. Whereas the venom is often not harmful to people hand feeding and dealing with with out gloves will not be really useful. The fish do finest in aquariums of 30 gallons or bigger with loads of stay rock and hiding locations.

Most Blennies are omnivorous feeders, which means that they may devour a wide range of totally different meals sorts. They are often fed top quality fish pellets developed for marine fish, however desire meaty meals equivalent to frozen or refrigerated mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, krill or different model identify meals equivalent to LRS Frenzy, Elos Shrimps or Dr. G’s refrigerated meals. On account of their excessive metabolic charge, it is strongly recommended that they’re fed 2-Three occasions per day.  

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