This is among the Nicest Eclectus Jawbreaker Shrooms Ever

Eclectus, jawbreaker, Vincent’s Revenge, no matter you name it this is among the nicest Discosoma corallimorph shrooms we’ve ever seen. Shared by Taiwan’s personal VP Corals this single psychedelic polyp is actually the cream of the crop for this group of thick tissued mushroom anemones.  

This crossover Eclectus Jawbreaker is on par with the Purple Monster Jawbreaker from a pair years again with a splattering of all the colours we are inclined to see on this model of Discosoma. Deep pink, darkish purplish black clashes with splashes of vibrant inexperienced, orange and fluorescent yellow into one ridiculously colourful and coveted ‘tender’ coral. 

Whereas we might by no means get our palms on this specific Discosoma pressure because it doubles the identified variety of polyps with all these colours just like the PM JB, it’s encouraging to know that there’s extra of those improbable corallimorphs but to be found within the ocean. Though the thicker bigger Discosoma like Eclectus and Jawbreakers develop slowly, at the least they do develop and it’s attainable to propagate them so someday we might lastly see a crucial mass of those accessible within the reef aquarium interest. 

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