Venustus Angelfish Efficiently Captive Bred by Bali Aquarich

Bali Aquarich is firing on all cylinders with the second announcement of a brand new captive breeding breakthrough in about as many weeks. Contemporary off the heels of the world’s first captive bred purple tangs – solely the second Zebrasoma to be cultured, and the world’s first breeding of regal angelfish – a totally new genus to be cultured, Mr. Su and his workforce have introduced their success in rearing the venustus or purple masks angelfish. 

The purple masks angelfish, Paracentropyge venusta, is a well-liked aquarium fish even whether it is sometimes saved or encountered within the western aquarium commerce, however they get an entire lot extra love and a focus in Asia. It is usually one among three species of the distinctive excessive bodied Paracentropyge genus which additionally consists of P. multifasciata, the multibar angelfish that Bali Aquarich can be breeding, and the holiest of uncommon holy grail fish, the peppermint angelfish. 

Bali Aquarich is understood for not solely breeding a large range of fascinating reef fish but additionally of elevating them in actually giant, industrial scale portions. It’s if you increase large clutches of offspring from a given pair that you may actually begin to see and spot some variation of their look, shade and sample, one thing which is properly documented within the purple masks angelfish. 

There’s high-yellow venusta, there’s very purple, purple masked angels, and since Bali Aquarich is already breeding multibars why not dabble in crossing multibars and venusta to create one of the vital wanted marine fish hybrids, the coveted multibar x venusta angelfish? What else can we are saying besides that Bali Aquarich is totally crushing the captive breeding of decorative marine fish and we think about we’ll be again to report on their newest breakthrough fairly quickly. 



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